Jupiter (Hanging boxes)

One way to think of a box is that it is constricting and limiting. But limits can be our friend. Are there ways quarantine has allowed you to experience more, different, or better things? Are there ways it has opened new possibilities? Jupiter is the planet of abundance, luck and growth. Please be mindful about not touching the boxes as you step inside and experience the plethora of possibility and adventure that await. And thank you to Sophie for so beautifully designing this experience.

Saturn Returns Masquerade
  1. Mercury (Garage)
  2. Welcome!
  3. Venus (Statue)
  4. Earth (Table by tree)
  5. Sun (Archway)
  6. Uranus (V-shaped area)
  7. Neptune (Yurt)
  8. Jupiter (Hanging boxes)
  9. Mars (Balloons)
  10. Saturn (Photo station)