Mercury (Garage)

The planet Mercury symbolizes communication, language, learning and teaching. Over the past few months we’ve changed the way we communicate as culture, transitioning to digital alternatives when our options for touch and in-person connection were limited. This social isolation may have you feeling in the dark at times, but if you shine your light, you can reveal the wisdom and messages of those who have come before. Okay, that is a bit of a stretch but I’m trying to tell you to use your blacklight pen in this room.

Saturn Returns Masquerade
  1. Mercury (Garage)
  2. Welcome!
  3. Venus (Statue)
  4. Earth (Table by tree)
  5. Sun (Archway)
  6. Uranus (V-shaped area)
  7. Neptune (Yurt)
  8. Jupiter (Hanging boxes)
  9. Mars (Balloons)
  10. Saturn (Photo station)