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Kalamazoo Valley Museum

Fun and learning come together at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum! Groups can spend an hour or the whole day at the Museum exploring interactive exhibits, engaged in hands-on workshops, and traveling around the world or universe with the planetarium shows.

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230 N Rose St., Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States
Kalamazoo Valley Museum
  1. The 1980 Kalamazoo Tornado
  2. Checker Cab
  3. Smelting pot
  4. The General Store
  5. Gibson Guitars
  6. Homer Stryker and His Revolutionary Bed
  7. Upjohn's Pills
  8. A.M Todd
  9. People of the Three Fires
  10. Squirrel Tailed Pumper
  11. The Kalamazoo Mall
  12. Victor Gruen: The Man with a Plan
  13. Dreams We Shared
  14. Lincoln's Speech
  15. Mystery of the Mummy