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Welcome to Fort Saint James National Historic Site

You're about to step back to a time when the fur trade was the economic powerhouse in British Columbia and Fort Saint James was the capital of New Caledonia.

Soon you'll be walking down a path along the grassy banks of Stuart Lake

You'll come across a flagpole with the Hudson's Bay company flag flying in the breeze and then you'll climb the stairs and walk directly into 1896.

In these buildings our knowledgeable costumed interpreters will tell you how the fur traders and the Dakelh people worked together, lived, and died more than a century ago.

Begin your visit by passing through the doors on the left which lead to the visitor centre.

You will be welcomed by our friendly helpful parks staff and there you can purchase tickets use the restroom and explore the display room to prepare you for your trip back in time.

One last thing, while visiting be sure to stop by our on-site restaurant The Home Stretch Diner for homemade meals, deserts, and a variety of beverages.

Have a great visit and thank you for coming to the Fort Saint James National Historic Site.  

Fort St James Historic Site ~ English
  1. Welcome
  2. 1. Ramp to the Lake
  3. 2. Flagpole
  4. 3. The Fur Warehouse
  5. 4. Fish Cache
  6. 5. The Guest House
  7. 6. The Interpreter's House
  8. 7. The Garden
  9. 8. Trade Store
  10. 9. A) The officer's Dwelling House
  11. 9. B) Looking into the Parlour