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9. B) Looking into the Parlour

Many people lived in this house over the years, listen to the stories of two women who grew up in this houseduring the fur trade. 

Pictured: A Mounitain Groundhog 


The historic park opened in the 1977, invited to the event were the sisters Mary and Catherine Traill, daughters of one of the chief factors of Fort St James.

The Traill sisters had lived in the officer’s house as children, when their father was in charge of the Fort. One of the sisters recalled “Our father would always keep a mug in the parlour; in the evening he would pour us some hot chocolate in front of the fireplace.”

The sisters then donated this mug to the museum, and so it remains here to this day.

After the Trail family left the officer’s house the Murray family moved in, their daughter Annie also returned to the fort to record some of her memories of the house. Listen as Annie herself recalls her favourite pet:

“Well the Indians use to call me little Annie, and the use to bring me presents of all description. A pair of snow shoes and a duck, swam in the pond, and if there was a pretty duck they would bring it for me. Yes, and even rabbits, and a groundhog, mountain groundhog. And you know they were the funniest thing I ever had. We put them up in the attic where it was cold you know, and they immediately fell asleep. And I use to bring them from there down into the sitting room where the fire is. All of a sudden it started moving, gave him something to eat, and them we put them back up there again to go to sleep again. We didn’t do that very often, but that is what happened.”

Fort St James Historic Site ~ English
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  2. 1. Ramp to the Lake
  3. 2. Flagpole
  4. 3. The Fur Warehouse
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  6. 5. The Guest House
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  10. 9. A) The officer's Dwelling House
  11. 9. B) Looking into the Parlour