"East Swamp & Gatorville" aka The Link

This Narrow Gauge Steam Train consists of a Crown Steam Locomotive and Tender, that have been converted from coal powered steam to compressed air. The rest of the car consists of three open Passenger Cars, and a “Caboose”, which carries the compressor.

The train and track were donated by the family of Edward Albert Link. He was the inventor of the WWII “Link Trainer” and Deep-Sea exploration diving vessels. The Link Trainer was a flight simulator produced in the early 30’s based on technology pioneered in 1929 by Link.

The Link train and track underwent a complete restoration and returned to scheduled service in March 2017. It is fully operational and is used daily by visitors to our museum. Ask about a ride on your next visit! 

  1. Ferdinand Magellan Presidential Railcar, U.S. Car No. 1
  2. Western Pacific "California Zephyr" Vista-Dome Car
  3. Florida East Coast Railway (FEC) Steam Locomotive #153
  4. Atlantic Coast Line Railroad (ACL) Observation Bar Lounge #254
  5. U.S. Army Hospital Car #89436
  6. Florida East Coast Railway (FEC) Passenger Coach #136
  7. Seaboard Air Line Railroad (SAL) Passenger Combination Baggage-Coach #259
  8. Florida East Coast Railway (FEC) Maintenance of Way Car Renumbered as #1996
  9. Atlantic Coast Line Railroad (ACL) Caboose #0322
  10. ALCO S-2- NASA No. 1
  11. Miami-Dade County Metromover Cars
  12. Helium Transportation Freight Car MHAX No. 1202
  13. Case Steam Traction Engine
  14. "East Swamp & Gatorville" aka The Link
  15. American LaFrance Fire Truck