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Barr Lake

Welcome to Barr Lake! Barr Lake is used by a wide variety of animals, but most notably it is used by a wide variety of birds. Birds use Barr Lake as a migratory stopover point. It provides them food, water, shelter and space. All of this allows for them to rest and refuel for the long journey ahead. Take a look out over the lake. Do you see any birds floating on the water? Do you see any birds flying high above or any birds in the trees? While you're walking on the trails of Barr Lake look around at the habitat. Do you see anybirds in the trees? How many different species can you count. I hope you enjoy Barr Lake. It is a beutiful place to visit in Colorado.

Bird Conservancy of the Rockies Audio Tour
  1. The Old Stone House
  2. The Prairie Trail
  3. Bird Feeders
  4. The Grove
  5. Barr Lake