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Stop 7 - The Dwarf Conifer Garden

This is a garden to appreciate from near and far. From a distance, the collective variation of color, size, and texture of the 120 plus different dwarf conifers growing here stand out despite their miniature size. In late 2015, an American Conifer Society Reference Garden was planted here on the Campus as part of the Tanger Arboretum. It contains many species of dwarf and miniature conifers, the distinction being how fast they grow. The miniature grows less than an inch a year; a dwarf grows up to six inches per year. The higher elevation, rocky ground cover and open position on the grounds provide the environment in which these plants thrive best.

This is the end of our narration, but it doesn’t have to be the end of your tour. You are welcome to re-visit any of the previous stops and stroll the grounds as long as you wish. Each of the magnificent trees is labeled for you. The Campus closes at sunset. This walking tour of the Lancaster Campus of History was written, produced and narrated by staff and volunteers of LancasterHistory. For more information, please go to lancasterhistory.org, and thank you for visiting.

To return to your vehicle, go to the entrance drive on the asphalt path, and then turn right.

[Thank you for joining us for our audio tour of the Campus of History!]

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