The Carriage House

In June 1884, President Buchanan’s niece, Harriet Lane Johnston, sold the mansion and the 22-acre Wheatland farm to Mary A. Willson. Mrs. Willson, a widow, relocated to Wheatland with her adult children and her niece. However, by 1886, Mrs. Willson suddenly died without a will.

Consequently, Mrs. Willson’s daughter and son became equal owners of the farm. In 1893, her son George convinced his sister to sell 12 acres of the Wheatland Farm to Henry S. Williamson. The original 1828 carriage house now sat on Mr. Williamson’s 12-acres, which prompted George & Mary Willson to build this two-story brick carriage house. Today, the first floor of the carriage house serves as a space for educational programs, as well as corporate and private event rental space. The second floor houses the office of the Director of President James Buchanan’s Wheatland and serves as the headquarter offices of the Junior League of Lancaster.

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