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LancasterHistory Museum

Welcome to LancasterHistory! The large contemporary building in front of you is the main headquarters for LancasterHistory. It contains two wings: the original building to the north, and a new addition to the south. The original building, known as the Willson-Kauffman Wing, was built in the 1950s to house the Lancaster County Historical Society. Today, it is home to LancasterHistory’s Research Center, which contains more than 2 million documents and books about the history of Lancaster County. The new, modern Stauffer Wing houses exhibition galleries, an auditorium and theater, the museum’s artifact collections, and LancasterHistory’s administrative offices. Designed by Centerbrook Architects, the building’s curved roofline and large bays of clerestory windows reflect the architectural legacy of Lancaster County’s many textile mills that were designed with saw-tooth roof lines and north-facing windows that would allow ample light onto the factory floor.  The Stauffer Wing was built using sustainable design methods, such as geothermal heating and cooling, and three large sets of solar panels on the roof. The solar panels alone generate more than double the energy needed to power the Wheatland mansion for a year.

Explore LancasterHistory's Campus of History
  1. LancasterHistory Museum
  2. The Wheatland Grounds
  3. The Carriage House
  4. Wheatland's Privy
  5. Wheatland's Icehouse/Smokehouse
  6. Wheatland as a Gentleman's Farm (Wheatland Kitchen Garden)
  7. Wheatland (Back Porch)
  8. Wheatland (Front Porch)
  9. Frog Pond & West Meadow
  10. The Tanger Arboretum
  11. Pollinator Gardens
  12. The Beech Grove
  13. Dwarf Conifer Garden