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Explore LancasterHistory's Campus of History

Follow our free tour to explore the grounds and gardens at LancasterHistory, including President James Buchanan's Wheatland, its outbuildings, and the Tanger Arboretum. No specific audio equipment is required for this tour. You can play it from any internet connected device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Enjoy the tour and remember to practice safe social distancing!

Learn more about LancasterHistory at https://www.lancasterhistory.org. 

Audio narrations provided by Doug O'Brien and Catherine Smith. 

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230 North President Avenue, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
Explore LancasterHistory's Campus of History
  1. LancasterHistory Museum
  2. The Wheatland Grounds
  3. The Carriage House
  4. Wheatland's Privy
  5. Wheatland's Icehouse/Smokehouse
  6. Wheatland as a Gentleman's Farm (Wheatland Kitchen Garden)
  7. Wheatland (Back Porch)
  8. Wheatland (Front Porch)
  9. Frog Pond & West Meadow
  10. The Tanger Arboretum
  11. Pollinator Gardens
  12. The Beech Grove
  13. Dwarf Conifer Garden