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Yolanda Prinsloo

This panel depicts the 18 year old version of myself.


Young, naïve, enthusiastic for what life would bring.


I grew up in South Africa.


I was exposed to racial discrimination as a political philosophy (Apartheid) and way of life.


I was taught by my society that I was not fully acceptable; my mixed heritage was a shame for which I would suffer certain disadvantages.


Apartheid has since been replaced by Democracy in South Africa.


I have since come to celebrate who I am.


Had migration never occurred, our world would be a different place.


We would be trapped in xenophobia; lacked the sharing of ideas and resulting innovations; suffered in our isolation....


I thank my ancestors for their migration from different parts of West, East and South Africa, Britain, The Netherlands and Ashkenazim for my genetic make up.


Without them, I could not exist.

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