Grace jacqueline

Jacqueline Grace

My ancestral panel represents "MYA", a prototype of todays youth, (Gen X'ers, Millennials), the ancestry of what's to come, if we are not careful, vigilant and more circumspect. How will her children's grandparents and, their grandparents and, great-great grandparents look back on this time? I see "Mya", looking back at me and, I shutter to think.

On the outside "Mya" looks brash, confident, even fearsome. Her jet dark skin, flowing hair, tattoo's and, piercings, denote a certain amount of attitude and brazenness, however, if one looks closer, she's all about the fa├žade. It is clear, her hair is not her own, tattoo's and, piercings, that bedeck her, are begotten locally, from the nearest mall. We are left shaking our heads at this perplexity and what could have brought on the matter, that delivered her, in this state before us.

As an American, with an African ancestry, I am appalled, whenever a "Mya" crosses my path. "Mya" and, her standard uniform of the day, represents the antithesis, of us as a people. Lets stand up, for our youth.
Lets fill our "Mya's" with hope and, victory on the inside. Lets remove the stain of defeat, despair and the fake from the outside.

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