Dhabalia pratibhadilip

Kajal Dhabalia

My mixed media panel is dedicated to my mother, Pratibha   




My piece follows her journey from being born in Uganda  Africa to fleeing back to India when Idi Amin began persecuting Southeast Indians in the areas.


And then her journey to America, once my parents got married. 


Within 10 years of coming to a new country my father was diagnosed with major health problems and my mom had to  become sole financial supporter of our family.


With no real formal education after high school she did what she knew best.     

She worked with food. 


She started at the bakery department at the local grocery store and soon worked her way up to head cake decorator.   

At the same she started catering on the side to make ends meet.


Since then she has successfully retired and has provided her children with opportunities she never had,  as well as a chance to live the American Dream.


I am so grateful to her and the many gifts of our culture and heritage she has passed on to my sister and I. 


I love you MOM! 

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