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Windows to the Universe

A window in a room of darkness is a gateway to hope and possibilities. A window in a room of light is a promising fulfilment of ambition and curiosity. Within the creator there is a window of heart, open to whoever that seeks to share, and whatever that is bound to inspire. Through it, he travels to different universes and passionately indulges in the unique knowledge they each embody, never settling and always seeking.

Painting the amiable colors of pink sapphires and green tourmalines on the pure canvas composed of diamonds, pearls, and white agate, the creator finds the harmony between different gemstones. Together they form a circle of square-shaped windows that compose an animated symphony with their light and colors. A set of pearls dance aloft to the music, symbolizing the many planets orbiting in the spectacular universe.

The windows’ alluring shape and grandeur seemingly contain a different universe within, whose secret wonders are to be discovered upon entrance. The space between gemstones – a see-through gap like rolled-up curtains – offers a preview of the world on the other side, and is made possible by the creator’s unique stone-setting technique.

The practice of craft is the practice of heart. It is the pursuit of depth disguised in simplicity. As if there were a magnetic force in between, the simpler a creation looks on the surface, the more complex it must be; and the spectrum stretches on as the creator takes his limits to a higher challenge again and again. Such is his philosophy – to answer the toughest question with perfection. 

The Keeper of Time
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  5. Windows to the Universe
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