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The Snowflake

"No two snowflakes are alike. In my hands, there are two snowflakes in one. It is a brooch, but if I turn it, it transforms into another form in front of our eyes.

What interests me the most is the transformation. The water cycle is an idea that everyone knows. Water evaporates from the surface of the earth, rises into the atmosphere, cools and condenses into rain or snow in clouds, and falls again to the surface. It changes from liquid to air, and then it crystallises.  It goes around and never ends. It embraces changes as it goes. It is, to me, the perfect state of existence.

Another thing that interests me is the beauty in the microworld. We are born to the best of times, indulged by the magic of technology. I have worked most of my life through the lens of magnifiers and microscopes. The world to me is composed of the worlds inside each stone. The stones have taught me to observe my surroundings in the tiniest details. Beauty is often hidden in the most unimaginable places. Very often, perfection comes and goes in moments unnoticed by most.

Imagine this – a snowflake appears in the deep, deep silence of a winter night. It slowly makes its way through the air, and lightly touches upon the branch of a tree. As time goes by, it melts, becomes water droplets and continues to travel in a different form. How many times of reincarnation does a water droplet have to go through, before it could be reborn as a snowflake, one of its most magical and elegant forms?

To create is to encapsulate the fleeting moments in life. This creation, like other creations of mine, has taken years to complete. It is hard materials in delicate forms. It is a symbol of rebirth, purity, uniqueness, transformation and new beginnings."

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