Mind puzzle      1

Mind Puzzle

Mind Puzzle questions the origin of reality: Is our doing spontaneous or pre-determined?

A cluster of creativity and thoughts erupt – from the adult mind, but also from the memories and experiences in all the life stages between now and the beginning.

The baby dwells inside the mind of the adult, but also grows into the adult. The two are separate entities on different timelines, but are also one being that evolves and devolves on one continuum. Ample space is found between the two, as it symbolizes a void of invisible, untraceable memories ready to be recalled whenever necessary – pieces of memories yet to be put together that forever last and inspire.

This is the creator expressing the chaos and order in his mind. It is a universe on its own, a magnet to ideas across his lifetime, from his early carvings to his special gemstone setting, titanium and The Wallace Chan Porcelain. It is an ever-expanding clutter of dreams.

The Keeper of Time
  1. Mind Puzzle
  2. Garden of Dreams
  3. The Snowflake
  4. Wallace’s Flying Frog
  5. Windows to the Universe
  6. The Emblem of Zen