Patient wait easy ride

Patient Wait, Easy Ride

Song:  Lilo

Artist:  The Japanese House

Painting to this song is so soothing.  I love the sound of the singer of this song, Amber Bain.

The process of painting with alcohol ink involves dropping ink on the surface and then using isopropyl alcohol to spread out the ink.  There are many different ways to accomplish this including using a hair dryer, heat gun, or even blowing into a straw. I think the metallic inks create a lot of depth and pop for each piece.

Inspiration Reverberation
  1. Frail State of Mind
  2. Somebody Else
  3. Petrichor
  4. Effervescence
  5. Drift
  6. Superposition
  7. Castles
  8. Champaign
  9. Patient Wait, Easy Ride
  10. Ascend