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Inspiration Reverberation

Welcome to the audio tour.

Last summer I experienced a rush of creativity after hearing a song on the radio on my way to celebration on July 4th.  I had never painted before and had an urge to give it a try.  I stumbled upon alcohol ink as my medium and fell in love, and thanks to Turnip Green Creative Reuse I was able to find these great panels of masonite on which to work. 

This is show is a tribute to the music that inspired me and set off my adventure in painting!  Many of my pieces were inspired by particular songs and this is a sampling of the music that helped me create this exhibit.  I hope you enjoy the audio tour!  

(P.S. some songs have explicit lyrics and have been marked at each stop.  May not be suitable for all audiences.)

Inspiration Reverberation
  1. Frail State of Mind
  2. Somebody Else
  3. Petrichor
  4. Effervescence
  5. Drift
  6. Superposition
  7. Castles
  8. Champaign
  9. Patient Wait, Easy Ride
  10. Ascend