The basement consists of several rooms -.

The girls and boys restrooms -.

A storage room and an under stair storage area -.

A classroom -.

The kitchen, and  the cafeteria -.

The janitors office, and the boiler room -.

Paranormal Waypoint -.

REM pod activity and K 2 hits are reported in the basement corridor, and the South stairwell near the boys restroom - .

Footsteps and shuffling have also been reported in this stairwell -.

A shadow figure has been sighted in the main basement area, just outside the custodians door -.

South Main School
  1. Gymnasium
  2. Entryway
  3. Welcome to South Main!
  4. Basement
  5. Cafeteria
  6. Boiler Room
  7. First Floor New Section
  8. First Floor Old Section
  9. Second Floor
  10. Attic
  11. Thank You!