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As you enter the school, the first area you come to is the gymnasium -.

The gym was added on to the original structure in 1958 -.

To the left of the doors on the wall you see the Alumni Wall of Fame -.

When the school closed in 2005, many former students and staff signed the wall to mark their place in history -.

The stage was an integral part of student culture -.

Plays, choir, and other events were common -.

Paranormal Waypoint -.

While we do not claim they are haunted objects, we are selling desk and chair sets from the haunted Lyme school in Bellevue Ohio -.

When the school turned into a common space, claims of phantom piano music were prevalent -.

Two pianos were brought in to trigger activity -.

We are also constructing a "ghost walk" to facilitate phantom footsteps.

South Main School
  1. Gymnasium
  2. Entryway
  3. Welcome to South Main!
  4. Basement
  5. Cafeteria
  6. Boiler Room
  7. First Floor New Section
  8. First Floor Old Section
  9. Second Floor
  10. Attic
  11. Thank You!