Ezimba 5

South Main School

Located in Bowling Green, Ohio the old South Main School has been serving the community since its construction in 1890.  It closed as a school in 2005 and then housed a common space for the arts until 2013. In 2017, Fringe Associates LLC, the business arm of Fringe Paranormal , gained control of the school.  Today the building operates as the Haunted South Main School, offering private and public ghost hunts. Other opportunities for this historic location are under development.

Don and Kelly, your hosts, welcome you to the South Main School!

437 South Main St, Bowling Green, Ohio, USA
South Main School
  1. Gymnasium
  2. Entryway
  3. Welcome to South Main!
  4. Basement
  5. Cafeteria
  6. Boiler Room
  7. First Floor New Section
  8. First Floor Old Section
  9. Second Floor
  10. Attic
  11. Thank You!