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Good News!


Do you see just how much God loves you? The chaos and imperfections of the world that we live in do not decrease the greatness of God’s love. Rather, they provide the opportunity for the love of God to pierce through the darkness of this world and our own hearts like a bright, warm light that brings peace and washes away our fear. Two thousand years ago, God stepped into the darkness of our world through Jesus, who unjustly but willingly suffered the consequences of our choices, our sin, because He loved us too much to simply allow us to receive what we all deserved. How big is the love of God!! 

Today, God is seeking you out in the middle of this global pandemic, to bring light into your darkness. His desire is to bring you peace - freedom from fear - through the total surrender to Him. Our world is being reminded of just how little control we actually have over our own lives. And if we’re brutally honest with ourselves, we can’t control anything. God knows this and wants us to live in peace knowing HE has complete authority over everything that exists. All He asks is that we surrender our desire to control and trust in His perfect plan. 


Would you like to live with a hope that conquers death? Would you like to live with a peace that doesn’t cave in when the world falls apart? Would you like to let the perfect love of God cast out all your fear?


Now is the time to place your trust in the blood that was shed at Calvary. If you would believe in Jesus as your Christ, repeat this prayer with me:


God, I understand now that even my best days are not good enough to meet your perfect standard of goodness. 

 I accept that Jesus came to live perfectly and die the death I deserved.

 I believe that Jesus rose from the dead to give me His perfection in the place of my sin. 

I surrender control of my life to You, God. I trust that You love me and have a perfect plan for the world and my life.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


If you are already a believer, but recognize you have been walking in fear and worry, consider praying this prayer:

Lord, I confess to You my fears, my worries, and my doubts. By faith, I declare that You love me and will carry me through this storm and that You will work all things out for my good and Your glory. 

In the name of my Messiah Jesus, who has all authority in heaven and earth, I stand against the world, the unbelief of my heart, the desires of my flesh, and the devil.

I resist and reject every dark force that would seek to distract me from the abundant life that is God's gift to me in my Savior Jesus.

I speak the blood of Messiah Jesus over my spirit, my body, and my soul. I declare the LORD is my refuge and fortress. I am now free and safe in the light of His Truth.

In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Take heart, He has already overcome the world!

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