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The Unjust Scourging


It’s now well past midnight. After Jesus finished praying, you watched as one of his closest friends had him arrested by the Roman government. Wait, arrested?! Yes, it’s true! Your thoughts are reeling from physical and emotional exhaustion. But you vividly remember the panic you felt as the armed, stone-faced regiment approached; and the moment your stomach dropped to the earth when Judas revealed himself as the one leading the arrest. How has all of this happened since dinner?


You followed Jesus’ captors to the place where he would be tried. Why is this happening in the middle of the night?! What on earth could Jesus possibly be guilty of? Even though you had your doubts trusting him during the Passover meal, you knew Jesus had never come close to committing any crime. He was the most perfect man you’d ever known! Something about this just isn’t right.


Suddenly you hear one of the guards being instructed to prepare the flogging pillar. What?! Jesus is going to be whipped?! You see Jesus being chained to the pillar, his back bared for the brutality to come. Hot tears fill your eyes and stream down your face as you fall to your knees. No. NO! This is all wrong! He doesn't deserve this! Your heart cries out to heaven in prayer as you look on. But after the first few lashes, you can't bear to stand to look any longer. God, why won't you stop this? You bury your face in your hands and weep.


Have you ever shaken your fists at heaven wondering why God allowed you to experience terrible tragedies? If He's God, He could have stopped this! The night Jesus was flogged was the night this question was answered. The perfect world God created was shattered by the human desire for lesser things. Our rebellion sentenced us to life in a broken world and in debt for our sin, but the love of God refused to leave us guilty and separated from Him with no way out. 

Encounter the Messiah: FEAR NOT!
  1. Save Me
  2. At the Passover Dinner
  3. In the Garden
  4. The Unjust Scourging
  5. The Trial
  6. The Exchange
  7. New Life
  8. Good News!
  9. Fear Not!