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Save Me


You frantically look around you, but there is no way out. The water is everywhere. Another surge knocks you 10 feet under and you flail with all your strength to break through the surface and gasp for breath. Coughing and panting, you look around one more time for any sign of help. There is none. With your last breath you scream, “Help! Save me!!” Your energy spent, a merciless wave drags you down for what you know are your final moments.

Take a deep breath, and slowly exhale. Have you been there? What fears are attacking you like a raging ocean? Pause for a moment and think about what is causing anxiety in your heart.

As you sink deeper into the ocean your heart cries out your final plea, “God, if you’re there, save me!” At that moment you see a hand reaching down. You swiftly look up and see His calm, peaceful face, gentle smile, and his beaming, love-filled eyes. Your fear vanishes. Even before you break the surface of the ocean to take a breath your panic is gone. Peace washes over you. How could you be afraid knowing that Love is here in this storm, reaching for you, saving you? Immediately you know this is the face of God.

Take a deep breath. Hear the voice of Jesus saying to you, “Don’t be afraid, precious one. I am not affected by this storm, I am in control over it. There is no need to fear. Believe confidently in Me and hold on to Me. Don’t look at the waves, look at Me, see how much I care for your peace of mind and for your good. Trust Me, I love you dearly.”

Thousands of years ago, Jesus miraculously walked on water to rescue Peter from drowning in a literal sea. Today, Jesus is ready to miraculously give you peace in the middle of your storm. Will you grasp the hand of God reaching out to you?

Encounter the Messiah: FEAR NOT!
  1. Save Me
  2. At the Passover Dinner
  3. In the Garden
  4. The Unjust Scourging
  5. The Trial
  6. The Exchange
  7. New Life
  8. Good News!
  9. Fear Not!