Encounter the Messiah: FEAR NOT!

Thank you for visiting FEAR NOT! Please pull as far forward at each stop as possible to allow others behind you to see the station. For best experience, connect your phone to your car stereo if you are able. Each station goes in sequential order and has a picture of the station so you know you are listening to the correct audio. When finished at a station, please move on to the next station and simply click "next" at the bottom of the page. We hope you enjoy the journey to Encounter the Messiah! 

The presentation will be up day and night through Tuesday, April 14. Please be sure to tell your friends if you were touched by it. 

8431 Lake Worth Rd, Lake Worth, FL, USA
Encounter the Messiah: FEAR NOT!
  1. Save Me
  2. At the Passover Dinner
  3. In the Garden
  4. The Unjust Scourging
  5. The Trial
  6. The Exchange
  7. New Life
  8. Good News!
  9. Fear Not!