Ede cabin

The Storehouse

Just after the dock, on the left you will find a storehouse. The storehouse was originally located at a rental property owned by the state, an old homestead on Storön in Ede and was moved to Strömsund’s outdoor history museum in 1957.

Strömsund's Outdoor Museum
  1. The Tax Collector or Parish Administrator’s Cabin
  2. The Dance Hall
  3. The Hexagonal Barn
  4. The Exhibition Hall
  5. The Big Lodge
  6. The Outdoor Scene
  7. The Cafe
  8. The Big Log Cabin
  9. Hjalmar Strömer's Cabin
  10. The Small Barns
  11. The Storehouse
  12. The Smithy
  13. The Forest Log Cabin
  14. The Giant Jorm
  15. A Small Cabin.