The big cabin

The Big Log Cabin

If you now look to the left you will see the big log cabin. Above the door  stands the year 1837, the year when the log cottage was built on "Nolatgården" on "Öjudden" in Vedjeön. Those who came to Ströms Vattudal throughout the year could be sure to have a roof over their heads in this noble main cabin. It was furnished during the 1920s as a small country store which was in use for thirteen years before it was finally closed down.

Today, small feet trample the floor when the house is used as an open preschool, with furniture and wooden toys from the old days. Among other things, there are two small business counters, Ica and Konsum. In the room to the right there is an old fashioned play kitchen adapted for children and space to play.

Strömsund's Outdoor Museum
  1. The Tax Collector or Parish Administrator’s Cabin
  2. The Dance Hall
  3. The Hexagonal Barn
  4. The Exhibition Hall
  5. The Big Lodge
  6. The Outdoor Scene
  7. The Cafe
  8. The Big Log Cabin
  9. Hjalmar Strömer's Cabin
  10. The Small Barns
  11. The Storehouse
  12. The Smithy
  13. The Forest Log Cabin
  14. The Giant Jorm
  15. A Small Cabin.