The exhibition hall

The Exhibition Hall

As you follow the path around the curve you will come to the exhibition hall. This building was built in 1914 as a mill for grinding soapstone into talcum flour which was used in cardboard and paper manufacture and in the rubber industry. To the mill belonged a long warehouse with a vaulted roof, to which a removable railway track led from the dock by the water where the scows with soapstone landed. The soapstone was broken in Frostviken but at the end of the 1940s the production ended. Today, the building is used for exhibitions and you can also rent it for different purposes. Upstairs there are exhibitions such as an old school, Ebba Torvaldsen’s shop, a hairdressing salon, Dr Wikström's reception, a Sami exhibition and more.

In the wooded area behind this hall you will find a cabin from Hösjöberg. This cabin stood on a company farm as the tenant pair Gulbrandsen worked between the years of 1880-1925. The cabin was reconstructed at the outdoor museum in 1996. Close by is also a small cabin from Strand. This cabin originates from the property Västgården in Strand and was donated, with all its furnishings, by Birgitta Palm-Mårtensson to the outdoor museum in 1995 and was rebuilt the  following year. Here you will also find the ski legend Lars-Theodor’s cottage, earlier situated in Alavattnet. And finally, by the water you will see the Sami hut. The Sami hut was started in the summer of 2016 through a Southern Sami language and shanty building course and completed through the project Mötesplats Strömsund – outdoor museum 2020 in collaboration with the Swedish Adult Education Association and Strömsund municipality.

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Strömsund's Outdoor Museum
  1. The Tax Collector or Parish Administrator’s Cabin
  2. The Dance Hall
  3. The Hexagonal Barn
  4. The Exhibition Hall
  5. The Big Lodge
  6. The Outdoor Scene
  7. The Cafe
  8. The Big Log Cabin
  9. Hjalmar Strömer's Cabin
  10. The Small Barns
  11. The Storehouse
  12. The Smithy
  13. The Forest Log Cabin
  14. The Giant Jorm
  15. A Small Cabin.