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Auditorium Ronovations

Although the Theatre has physically been restored to 1905, the performance elements of the Theatre are state-of-the art.  

Theatre consultants worked with us throughout the restoration process to ensure that Theatre patrons receive an extraordinary, unforgettable Theatre experience in both comfort and sound.  

The seats were purchased from the same company that provided the seats in 1905 and the M is for Masonic.  

There are eight box seats in the auditorium that were uncovered intact during renovation. Prior to that time, they had been boarded over to make room for a movie screen.  

The half-moon extensions were rebuilt with wood and historic plasterers finished the extension by hand.  

Five hundred and forty-five seats adorn the theatre with 300 in the auditorium and 245 in the balcony. 

The Historic Masonic Theatre is a digital sound and lighting facility. Every show in the Theatre needs light and ours is state-of-the-art with LED lights that do not get hot and are energy efficient. 

They can be changed to any color or mixed to represent any color on the color spectrum.  

Because the acoustics are so robust in the auditorium, padded acoustic panels have been added to the walls to enhance the listening experience.  

The view from the stage is breathtaking so feel free to walk on the stage and get a performers view.


Tour The Historic Masonic Theatre
  1. Introduction
  2. The Main Lobby
  3. The Annex
  4. The John E. Hillert Auditorium
  5. Auditorium Ronovations