Jim Gallucci, "Oracles’ Gate 2" - by Mekayla Bagwell

Oracles’ Gate 2 is a Galvanized steel pipe sculpture that is towering over 12 feet tall and expanding over 16 feet wide. Jim Gallucci states that he has been creating this massive sculpture his whole life, since October 23, 1969, but officially completed the sculpture in the year 1999 (Gallucci). Since then, this piece has traveled throughout the country and has finally landed here in Upstate, South Carolina, on the campus of The University of South Carolina Upstate. This sculpture has been located here for quite some time now. There is no expected date of when this sculpture will leave Upstate, but it is expected to stay here on the grounds until it is purchased.

Jim Gallucci does a great job of showcasing his work, by catering to the characteristics of materials used. With only using steel pipe and solid rod in this sculpture, it appears to be so much more. After creation, Gallucci finished his work with a hot dip galvanized in order to create the shine you see on it today. This is also here to help coat and protect the steel. Gallucci kept the materials to a minimum, but with the mindset of creating this piece, he made it through! After all this work, Jim unfortunately does not get any commission from this piece; it is simply a passion project that everyone can enjoy.

Gallucci takes his work and puts a much deeper meaning into it, that one may not realize by just looking at the sculpture. Jim Gallucci quotes, “I use the format of gates and doors in my sculpture in order to give the public access to my art. This interaction is an “entry” to embrace art.” (Jim Gallucci Sculptor, Ltd.). Gallucci’s main goal was to show communication through this piece. Based on the title of the sculpture, you can see how the sculpture resembles and has many features a gate shall have. You have the entrance way in the middle, along with a large arch, which the sculpture makes. As you can see, the sculpture appears to come out of the ground, curve up and towards the sky, then back down again but stops before reuniting with the ground once more. This is how Gallucci resembles movement even though it is not actually moving. Gallucci uses a combination of both straight and curvature lines. He draws you into his work and makes you wonder what all it has to offer. If you look at the center of the piece, which appears to be a gate, you will see that it can rotate and appear to open.

Take the time now to really examine and pay attention to every little detail that the piece has to offer.

USC Upstate Outdoor Sculpture
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