8 Jamie

Watie has been a family friend of mine for as long as I can remember, ever since I was a little kid. He was the one who first introduced me to Omaha Girls Rock Camp when it was brand-new, back in 2011. To grow up in Omaha was an adventure and music has always been a part of that, from learning violin at age four, to learning drums at OGR camp at age eleven, to learning guitar on my own and music becoming an integral part of my identity. To learn and grow through music and connections to folks in this wonderful community has been such a blessing. To be a college student now and to reflect and rejoice in gratitude for the life I’ve been given while always pushing onward is somewhere I never imagined I’d be. To be constantly seeking knowledge, growth, transformation, truth, and light are things I hope I’ll never stop doing.

Watie White's 100 People
  1. 1 Artist Statement
  2. 2 Joy
  3. 3 Jonathan
  4. 4 Ferial
  5. 5 Shaun
  6. 6 Danielle
  7. 7 Kabin
  8. 9 Athena
  9. 10 Laith
  10. 8 Jamie