10 Laith

I am proud to be a part of the 100 People of Omaha project because I just think I'm really lucky to be a part of the art and Omaha and Benson actually. Cause I know Benson has lots of beautiful art on its walls. And when I did the project I was like seven or eight and now I look at it and I'm like, wow.
Since I'm 10 I just like, I look so different and I just feel like I can't believe that was me. Like it's kind of amazing to look up at a younger me up on a wall. And I think that I'm very grateful that I'm in this project. And I think that, I hope that this project goes very well, and I know it will, and yeah, and.
Thanks for having me. Watie. Thanks for letting me be a part of this project.

Watie White's 100 People
  1. 1 Artist Statement
  2. 2 Joy
  3. 3 Jonathan
  4. 4 Ferial
  5. 5 Shaun
  6. 6 Danielle
  7. 7 Kabin
  8. 9 Athena
  9. 10 Laith
  10. 8 Jamie