4 Ferial

It is an honor to be a part of Watie White’s beautiful project. The fabric of Omaha is rich, thick, and diverse, and I love that this project rounds it out with representations of stories that aren’t often told in the mainstream narrative of who we are. There is a South African philosophy called Ubuntu, which means that I am because we are. Omaha IS because WE ARE Omaha. ALL of us. Thank you, Watie.

Watie White's 100 People
  1. 1 Artist Statement
  2. 2 Joy
  3. 3 Jonathan
  4. 4 Ferial
  5. 5 Shaun
  6. 6 Danielle
  7. 7 Kabin
  8. 9 Athena
  9. 10 Laith
  10. 8 Jamie