1502 a plan of imola

Life and Times

Florence and Italy during Leonardo’s lifetime were a difficult and dangerous place to live. Florence was ruled by the Church and the ruling class including the Medici Family. Any thinking outside what was taught or believed by the Church was considered witchcraft or heresy. People were encouraged to conform to the teachings of the Church, its beliefs and values. This era is known as The Renaissance (a time of rebirth and massive cultural upheaval which lead to huge advancements in music, art, science and education, which challenged the conventional wisdom and thinking of the time). Florence is considered by many historians to be the birthplace of the Renaissance Movement during this time. War and violence was common and warlords ruled districts in a violent and possessive manner. Public executions were common. Males dominated every aspect of life, whilst women lived a subservient existence. Life expectancy for the poor was short, and outbreaks of the Plague still killed thousands every year.

Art was the centerpiece of the Renaissance, with many art workshops pursuing new approaches and techniques. In those days, artists were artisans and hence required a wide range of technical exposure to a range of skills including sculpture, painting, frescos, clay modeling and even upholstery.

In those days cameras were not invented, so artists were in high demand to capture family portraits and “now” moments at family events, gatherings, and festivals. It is through art that history captured these moments in time. Not like today where we have technology to capture moments on camera, video, film and mobile phones.

Da Vinci - Inventions
  1. Welcome and Introduction
  2. Life and Times
  3. About Leonardo
  4. Codices - Notebooks
  5. Anatomical Studies
  6. Alphabet and Introduction to Leonardo's Inventions
  7. Civil Machines
  8. Autotraction Car
  9. The Ideal City
  10. Father of Flight
  11. Aerial Screw
  12. Flying Machine
  13. Glider
  14. Parachute
  15. Introduction and Overview of Aquatic and Hydraulic Machines
  16. Emergency Bridge
  17. Scuba and Breathing Equipment
  18. Submarine
  19. Paddle Boat
  20. Instruments of Optics, Music, and Time
  21. Mechanical Drum
  22. Spot Light
  23. Mirror Room
  24. Physics and Mechanical Principals
  25. The Last Supper
  26. Bicycle
  27. Military Engineering
  28. Ogival Bullet
  29. Three-Registered Machine Gun
  30. Steam Canon
  31. The Battle of Anghiara Drawings
  32. Renaissance Art
  33. The Mona Lisa
  34. Self Portrait
  35. The Lady with an Ermine
  36. Annunciation
  37. Virgin of the Rocks
  38. The Madonna Litta
  39. The Benois Madonna
  40. Portrait of a Musician
  41. St. Jerome
  42. The Vitruvian Man
  43. Sforza Horse Sculpture
  44. Conclusion and Thank You