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Explore Historic Bath Draft Tour

Carved out of the wilderness, a community began to take shape shortly after the arrival of the United Empire Loyalists in 1783. Amoung the rich inventory of built cultural heritage assets in Bath, there are properties with a heritage by-law designation.  This tour focuses on those properties.  The images come from archieved sources and show the properties as they once were. The tour will commence at corner of Main and Fairfield Streets.

Centennial Park, Bath, Ontario, Canada
Explore Historic Bath Draft Tour
  1. A brief history of historic Bath
  2. Fairfield-Gutzeit House c.1796 - 341 Main St.
  3. Ham House c.1816 - 353 Main St.
  4. Henry Lasher House c.1825 - 147 Church St.
  5. Saint John’s Anglican Church And Cemetery - 212 Church St.
  6. Bath Academy c.1910 - 352 Academy St.
  7. Peter Davy House c.1819 - 370 Academy St.
  8. P. R. Davy House c. - 367 Academy St.
  9. Bath United Church And Cemetery c.1850 - 402 Academy St.
  10. Layer Cake Hall c.1859 - 193 Davy St.
  11. W.H. Davy Store c.1816 - 369 Main St.
  12. Belfour House c.1843 - 359 Main St.
  13. Heritage Conservation District
  14. Jeptha Hawley House c.1785 - 531 Main St.