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The Waggoner Ranch

The largest ranch inthe country under one fenced acreage was the Waggoner Ranch. W.T. Waggoner, known for his role in the prosperity of FT. Worth, built a ranching empire in Norht West Texas. It is said he cursed when he struck oil as he was drilling for water for his cattle. Electra, named for his wife, still shows evidence of his success in the oil business. There seems to be a pumper covering the ground in every direction for as far as you can see. On W.T Waggoner's death the ranch was split into four ranches, one to each child and one to Electra.

E. Paul Waggoner inherited the ranch in Vernon renamed the Zacaweista. He is renowned in the quarter horse industry and founded the American Quarter Horse Association. His favorite horse was the most awarded horse in history, Poco Bueno. E Paul's will stated that Poco Bueno was to be buried standing up on the ranch. Poco Bueno is buried in a clump of trees by the entrance to hte Waggoner ranch just south of Vernon. He was buried standing up.

Copper Breaks State Park Museum Tour
  1. Bison
  2. Copper Mine
  3. Comanche History
  4. The Medicine Man
  5. The Bison and the Comanche
  6. The Parker Story
  7. The Battle of Pease River
  8. Comanche Clothing
  9. Quanah the Warrior
  10. Quanah the Statesman
  11. The Cowboy
  12. The Chuck Wagon
  13. Early Towns
  14. The end of the open range and the R2
  15. The Waggoner Ranch