Museum tour

Early Towns

Crowell College- This is a picture of the Women's college taken in 1895. The women leaned cooking, dress making, sewing and other domestic chores. This is a dress making form that could have been used at the college. They had a Singer sewing machine like this one.

The railroad through Quanah- The railroad brought prosperity to communities like Quanah as you can see from this early drawing of the town. Even some of the copper from the Mcclellan mine was sent East of these tracks for processing.

The railroads brought jobs, prosperity, more settlers and civilization to the West. Most importantly the railroads brought women. They brought schools, churches, and cleaned up the streets and civilized the west.

Copper Breaks State Park Museum Tour
  1. Bison
  2. Copper Mine
  3. Comanche History
  4. The Medicine Man
  5. The Bison and the Comanche
  6. The Parker Story
  7. The Battle of Pease River
  8. Comanche Clothing
  9. Quanah the Warrior
  10. Quanah the Statesman
  11. The Cowboy
  12. The Chuck Wagon
  13. Early Towns
  14. The end of the open range and the R2
  15. The Waggoner Ranch