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The Trees of Rondeau

Rondeau is home to many different species of tree including: Hop-hornbeam, Sassafras, Silver Maple, White Oak, Blue Beech, Black Walnut, Tulip Tree, Butternut, and White Ash. Each of these tree species are special for their own uniquenesses.

Hop-Hornbeam can grow to be 12 metres tall and can age up to 150 years old. In the past, farmers used to this tree to make yokes for oxen, hence the name "hornbeam".

Sassafras can grow to be 20 metres tall and can age up to 500 years old. Sassafras oils used to be used as the main ingredient for Root Beer.

Silver Maples can grow up to 35 metres tall and can age as long as 130 years. These trees provide homes for many animals in the park, as they often have hollow cavities in their trunks.

White Oak trees can grow as tall as 35 metres and live 500 years or longer. The bark of oak trees actually makes them more likely to be struck by lightning than any other species.

Blue Beech trees are much shorter as they only grow 8 metres tall, but they still age up to 150 years. Blue Beech are also called "musclewood" because the bark appears as sinewy muscles.

Black Walnut grow up to 30 metres tall and age up to 150 years old. These trees actually leak a toxic chemical from the roots that prevents any other trees from growing near it.

Tulip trees are characteristic to the Carolinian Zone and can grow to be 35 metres tall, while living 150 years. Tulip trees were used historically to build canoes that could hold up to 25 people.

Butternut trees can grow to be as tall as 25 meters, but do not live nearly as long as the other trees. Many of the Butternut trees don't even reach 75 years.

White Ash trees, like the other trees, grow to be around 30 metres tall and live 200 years. Ash trees have been used for building baseball bats and furniture due to its light and strong characteristics. However, many of the ash trees that we had in the past are now gone due to the Emerald Ash Borer, an invasive species that likes to feed off of the inside layer of bark.

These trees are just a few of the many species found in the park as there are over 50 different species found here.

Rondeau Provincial Park Visitor Centre
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  6. The Trees of Rondeau
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  9. Lake Erie
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