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The Gate of Harmonious Interest

Stop for a moment and take in Chinatown's most recognizable object, the Gate of Harmonious Interest. Created during Chinatown's revolution in the 1980's, you'll learn more in the tour.

A Deeper Insight into Victoria's Chinatown
  1. Start : Waddington Alley
  2. Continuing down Waddington Alley
  3. End of Waddington Alley
  4. Johnson Street : History
  5. Cross Johnson Street
  6. Johnson Street : Market Square Preview
  7. Entering Market Square
  8. Market Square to Pandora Avenue
  9. Pandora Avenue
  10. Enter Fan Tan Alley
  11. Continuing down Fan Tan Alley
  12. Exit Fan Tan Alley
  13. Dining in Chinatown
  14. Heading up Fisgard Street
  15. The Gate of Harmonious Interest