Thank You For Your Visit Today!

As the Pastor, with my entire staff of the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Augustine, we thank you for your visit here today.

You are standing in a Church that begun its construction in 1793.  227 years of history, and beauty in the city of Saint Augustine, just in this building alone.

Since 1565, Christianity has played a major role in this city, and our country.

Your contributions will keep it going strong for the next 227 years!

We are truly grateful for your visit, any support you may be able to give to this effort.

Go in Peace, and, Blessings to all who enter our doors.


Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine
  1. Welcome From the Pastor
  2. Cathedral Over view
  3. Cathedral Front
  4. West Transept
  5. The Blessed Sacrament Chapel
  6. East Transept
  7. Marian Shrine
  8. The Shrines
  9. Stations of The Cross Paintings
  10. Cathedral Rear view
  11. Candles in the Cathedral
  12. The Baptistry
  13. Gift Shop
  14. Thank You For Your Visit Today!