Sv pic

1925 Stanley SV

The Stanley SV represents the end of the era of steam automobiles. Steam cars were no longer the preferred method of propulsion. Cars with superior technology could be had at a much lower price, and the invention of the electric starter further negated the usefulness of the steam car's technology. The death of Francis Edgar Stanley in an accident signaled a "further remove from the spirit and guidance of the founding brothers," according to Kit Foster in his book, "The Stanley Steamer: America's Legendary Steam Car." The demise of the Stanley Motor Carriage Company was imminent. In 1924 the Steam Vehicle Corporation of America took over the Stanley Motor Carriage Company. The company introduced a new steam car with improvements such as a deeper burner, improved vaporizer, larger steam line and improved steam loop, according to Kit Foster. However, Kit Foster also explains that the new car was not up to the standards of earlier Stanleys. It was underpowered and frail, and the company filed for bankruptcy by 1926. This is the car, the Stanley "SV." 

While the Stanley SV represents the end of the era of steam automobiles, it also represents the beginning of The Collection on Palmetto, as it was one of two steam cars owned by the Feldman family from the 1970s. The other is the Model 64 Roadster. 

The Collection on Palmetto
  1. 1886 Benz Motorwagen
  2. 1901 Curved Dash Oldsmobile
  3. 1902 Locomobile Stanhope B
  4. 1904 Pope-Waverley Electric Chelsea Runabout
  5. 1904 Cadillac Model B
  6. 1906 Winton Model K
  7. 1906 White Model F Steam Car
  8. 1907 Northern Model C
  9. 1908 Locomobile Model E
  10. 1908 Schacht High Wheeler
  11. 1910 Stanley Model 85
  12. 1910 Stanley Model 70
  13. 1911 White Model GE-75
  14. 1912 Stanley Model 73
  15. 1913 Stanley Model 64
  16. 1913 Pierce-Arrow Model 48
  17. 1913 Cole Series 60 Roadster
  18. 1914 Ford Model T
  19. 1914 Fiat Typo 55
  20. 1915 Peerless Model 48
  21. 1915 Stanley Mountain Wagon
  22. 1925 Stanley SV
  23. 1927 Pierce-Arrow Model 36 Phaeton
  24. 1952 Allard J2X
  25. 1918 Cretors Popcorn Wagon
  26. 1928 Ahrens Fox Piston Pumper