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Washington Connecticut - An American Story

Welcome to the Gunn Historical Museum’s long-term exhibit, Washington Connecticut - An American Story, a celebration of the unique people, places, and events that have shaped this wonderful town. This collaborative community undertaking touches upon the major turning points in the history of our quintessential American town and shares the rich legacy of those who have called Washington home before us. The abundant natural resources and scenic beauty of this land have drawn the first peoples, colonists, revolutionaries, mill workers, farmers, educators, immigrants, artists, vacationers, and many others who have contributed to the fabric of Washington for over 10,000 years. This is their story. 

5 Wykeham Road, Washington, Connecticut, United States
Washington Connecticut - An American Story
  1. Welcome
  2. The Early Landscape
  3. The Native Americans
  4. Colonists
  5. The American Revolution
  6. Forming Washington
  7. Farming
  8. Industry
  9. Slavery and Abolition
  10. The Civil War
  11. Immigrants
  12. Railroad
  13. Education
  14. Vacation
  15. Conservation
  16. The Arts
  17. World Wars
  18. Washington Businesses
  19. The Villages of Washington
  20. The Flood of 1955
  21. Washington Then and Now
  22. Business Signs on 2nd Floor Hallway