Adrian Smalberger. I got the idea of the Drillipede from the show dinotrux supercharged, is a very rare type of tool. I saw the piece for the body in my dad's scrapheap reminding me of these "cerium centipedes". I ended up doing 14 less legs than planned as this little genius got cold and tired. Second place, junior category.

Boddington Sculpture Park
  1. Shadow Bull
  2. Now What!
  3. Heart of the Town
  4. Torque
  5. Butterfly
  6. Flame
  7. Thomas the Terrorfire
  8. Spoke III
  9. My Basenji
  10. Tree Lopping
  11. Man and his dog
  12. Expectant
  13. Giant Snapdragon
  14. Drillipede
  15. Fire Wing Dragon
  16. GearBot
  17. Heavy Metal Owl
  18. Blue Bee
  19. Boddington Railway Siding
  20. Steam Tractor