Shadow bull small

Shadow Bull

"Shadow Bull" by Bunbury artist Jake Cogdon was modelled after a Scottish Highland Cow and named after a Highland cow that lived on a friend's property in Arthur River. The sculpture is constructed of mild steel and is clad with recycled chain each piece of chain has been meticulously welded onto the base to mimic the appearance of the cows shaggy coat. So much chain was required to create this effect, the sculpture ways in at close to 1 ton. Second place, open category.

Boddington Sculpture Park
  1. Shadow Bull
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  4. Torque
  5. Butterfly
  6. Flame
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  9. My Basenji
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  12. Expectant
  13. Giant Snapdragon
  14. Drillipede
  15. Fire Wing Dragon
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  18. Blue Bee
  19. Boddington Railway Siding
  20. Steam Tractor