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Reading Room Corridor North and Rare Books

With your back to the Reading Room, turn left and walk down the North Reading Room Corridor.

As you make your way down the corridor, you will pass the outside courtyard area, North Court. The North and South Court yards are open year round for you to enjoy a break in the fresh air. Please don't take library books to the courtyards, but you are able to enjoy food and drink there. The courtyards are on level 1, rather than the ground floor. At one point when the Library ran out of space, a roof was put on the old courtyards and the area below turned into bookstacks.

At the end of the corridor look to your left. The wooden double doors at the end of the corridor lead to the Rare Books Room. To use this room you will need to sign in and follow staff directions carefully. To protect the rare books, food and all drinks are prohibited and you can only use pencils rather than pens in this room.

The Manuscripts Room is in the same location on the third floor, and the sameĀ  rules apply. For additional security, bags and outdoor coats must be left in a locker outside the room.

Now go through the door marked North Wing 1.

Self-guided audio tour of the UL
  1. Entrance Hall and Locker Room
  2. Catalogue Landing, Catalogue Hall and North and South Reading Rooms
  3. Main Reading Room
  4. West Room
  5. North Wing 1
  6. Reading Room Corridor North and Rare Books
  7. Tea Room and Map Room
  8. Helpdesk