Cambridge university library

Entrance Hall and Locker Room

Welcome to the University Library! This self-guided tour will show you the main areas of the Library and explain some of our services. When using this guide, please take care of your surroundings and make sure that you do not block door ways or corridors.

Enter the Library using the revolving doors or the automatic accessible door to the left. You will then be standing in the Entrance Hall.

To the left you will find the locker room. For security reasons, please leave all large bags in a locker before you enter the Library. Lockers are free to use. Clear plastic carrier bags may be purchased from the Reader Services desk to carry your belongings in once you enter the Library.

Once you have put away your belongings, return to the Entrance Hall.

The circular desk is called the Reader Services Desk. This is where you borrow and return books.

When you are ready to enter the Library, scan your Library card or University card at the entry gate to the left of the Reader Services Desk. Staff can help you if you have difficulty scanning your card. If you have forgotten your card, please speak to staff at the Reader Services Desk who may be able to help.

Whenever you leave the Library, a member of staff will check your bag and any books that you have borrowed. Scan your card at the exit point to leave.

Our next stop is the Catalogue landing which is at the top of the stairs.

Self-guided audio tour of the UL
  1. Entrance Hall and Locker Room
  2. Catalogue Landing, Catalogue Hall and North and South Reading Rooms
  3. Main Reading Room
  4. West Room
  5. North Wing 1
  6. Reading Room Corridor North and Rare Books
  7. Tea Room and Map Room
  8. Helpdesk