The bell tower

The Bell Tower

On exiting the Chapel, you will find a metal structure – The Bell Tower (originally from the Ripon chapel, 1963). It was moved to York following the closure of the Ripon campus. The Association of the College of Ripon and York St John, donated a new bell, when it was decided that the original bell would stay in Ripon.

We will now head towards the Holgate Building, for our last stop on the Heritage tour. Continue past the Bell Tower, towards the Holgate Building main entrance. You will pass the Temple Building (named after Bishop William Temple - Archbishop of York, 1929 - 1942). In the Temple Building Foyer is a cabinet with old artefacts and photos from the College's history. The Holgate Building is just in front of the Temple Building

York St John University Heritage Trail
  1. Heritage Passage
  2. The Quad
  3. Quad South Hall – The Old Chapel
  4. Ripon Wing
  5. The Peace Garden
  6. Metamorphosis
  7. The Chapel
  8. The Bell Tower
  9. Holgate Building