Christ the teacher window   the ripon wing

Ripon Wing

Ripon Wing was renamed in 2018, honouring the incredible contribution the college, its students and staff made to Higher Education, especially teacher training, for over one hundred years.

On entering the building, turn left and up the first flight of stairs. Here you will find a display cabinet containing items from the Ripon Campus. The “Christ the Teacher” stained glass window, further up the stairs, is from the chapel at Ripon, dedicated in 1963. Founded in 1862, Ripon College initially trained female teachers. It was soon known for the high quality of its graduates. The first men were admitted over 100 years later. A decade after that, the College combined with St John’s College, York. The Ripon campus closed in 2001, after 159 years of teaching.

We will now visit the Peace Garden. Retrace your steps back out Ripon Wing. Once outside, turn left. At the end of Ripon Wing, on your left, is The Peace Garden.

York St John University Heritage Trail
  1. Heritage Passage
  2. The Quad
  3. Quad South Hall – The Old Chapel
  4. Ripon Wing
  5. The Peace Garden
  6. Metamorphosis
  7. The Chapel
  8. The Bell Tower
  9. Holgate Building