Heritage passage and the quad

The Quad

The buildings, which make up The Quad, used to be student accommodation and a gymnasium. On the roof of the building opposite, you will see the former College Bell. Many students, prior to the 1970s, have fond memories of the bell, which rang to call them to chapel, which is where we shall head to next.

Turn right and head through the door labelled “Quad South”, then through the next door ahead of you (which is slightly to your left), and then turn left into Quad South Foyer.

You will see the walls, and windows of the Old Chapel through the full-height windows ahead of you. If teaching is not in progress, take a look inside the Old Chapel.  

York St John University Heritage Trail
  1. Heritage Passage
  2. The Quad
  3. Quad South Hall – The Old Chapel
  4. Ripon Wing
  5. The Peace Garden
  6. Metamorphosis
  7. The Chapel
  8. The Bell Tower
  9. Holgate Building